Solution d'isolation thermique, acoustique et protection incendie

Insulation, a major issue for tomorrow

Transformateur et Distributeur de Matériaux pour l’Isolation Technique depuis 1985

Insulation, a major issue for tomorrow

With global warming, our environment will be more and more subject to strong variations in temperature.

Protecting yourself from the cold in winter and, increasingly, protecting yourself from the heat in summer responds to a growing problem that goes beyond our borders.

Committed to a sustainable development approach, SMI is part of the circular economy.


Company presentation

SMI is a company specializing in the transformation and distribution of insulating materials in France and internationally. We offer thermal, acoustic and fire protection solutions for buildings and industries.

Our experience and our partnerships with companies that are experts in insulation (Ravago, Rockwool, Knauf, Sagi, Armacell, Pittsburgh, etc.) allow us to offer the best insulation solutions for your sites.

Our insulating materials and our tailor-made cutting services allow us to meet the most specific needs of your market: thermal insulation, marine, industries, building construction, etc.


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SMI lance la journée du calorifuge « SMI DAY ».




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