Isolant thermique pour système de chauffage, industrie et bâtiment

Laine de roche

La laine de roche est issue d'un matériau naturel, le basalte, né de l'activité volcanique et transformé par l'homme, utilisé dans le bâtiment comme isolant thermique, isolant phonique ou absorbant acoustique, ou pour la protection contre l’incendie. Le terme laine de pierre est utilisé en Suisse. Elle fait partie des laines minérales.

What are the insulating characteristics of rock wool ?

Rock wool is an insulating material of mineral origin, made from volcanic rock, it has many insulating properties:

  • Thermal insulation

Stone wool has very good thermal insulation performance. Its insulating properties prevent heat loss and therefore save energy.

Rock wool is a very popular heat insulator because it offers significant energy performance at a relatively inexpensive price.

  • Sound insulation

Beyond its thermal characteristics, rock wool is also a very good sound insulator. Its porous structure gives it extremely effective noise and sound absorption power. The sound-insulating properties of rock wool neutralize vibrations and other parasitic noise.

  • Fire resistance

Stone wool is non-combustible, which means it resists flames and conflagration. This is why it is a real ally in the fire protection of buildings. It is resistant to temperatures above 1000 ° C and thus prevents the spread of flames in the event of a fire. The rock wool therefore acts as a real firewall.

  • Strength & durability

Stone wool is a durable insulator, its insulating power can go up to 50 years. Due to its stability and robustness, it is ideally suited for the insulation of buildings.

  • Moisture resistance

The hydrophilic properties of rock wool make it vapor permeable which prevents moisture problems and makes it resistant to mold and bacteria growth.

  • Various packaging

Stone wool can be packaged in several forms: rolls, rigid panels, shells and flakes.

What are the applications of rock wool?

Stone wool can be used for insulation in buildings and industries.

  • Insulation of Buildings

The use of rock wool in buildings is very widespread, its thermal and sound properties make it an insulator perfectly suited to buildings.

  • Roof insulation: attic and exterior

Stone wool is totally suitable for insulating the roofs of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

It provides thermal insulation by preventing heat loss and contributes to the energy performance of buildings.

Roof insulation can be done either from the inside by integrating rigid or semi-rigid rock wool panels directly into the attic, or from the outside by raising the roof using rock wool panels.

  • Exterior and interior insulation of walls

Rock wool also provides thermal insulation from the outside (ETI) of buildings. Walls are one of the crucial points in the insulation of a building because they represent a large surface area and the risk of heat loss is high.

The thermal insulation of the exterior and interior walls is achieved by installing rock wool panels on the exterior or interior facade of the walls.

  • Floor insulation

The sound and thermal insulation properties of rock wool make it a suitable insulator for floors. On the one hand, it prevents heat loss and on the other hand it absorbs unwanted vibrations, shocks and noise.

The floors are insulated by installing rigid rock wool panels.

  • Insulation of HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning)

Stone wool can also be used for insulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • Pipe and pipe insulation

Rock wool is also available in the form of shells, staves, elbows, bottom and shaped pieces to insulate heating pipes or domestic hot water pipes.

It provides thermal and acoustic insulation of heating and sanitary pipes.

  • Insulation of ventilation ducts and ducts

Insulating blankets made of rock wool strips are also used for the insulation of ventilation ducts (heating and air conditioning) in order to maintain the temperature of the air flows inside the ducts.

  • Insulation for industry and process

Rock wool is also an insulating material for parts specific to industrial use: rock wool insulating shells with a water-repellent binder to reduce the risk of corrosion, mesh blankets specific to thermal insulation and soundproofing of industrial conduits, high temperature panels adapted to industrial mechanical constraints and resistant to vibrations.

Our rock wool insulation products

SMI offers you insulating parts for all your uses: building, HVAC, Industry and Process.

We work in partnership with Rockwool, a leader in rock wool insulation. We therefore offer several products from the Rockwool range: Shell for heating and sanitary pipes, slatted mattresses, industrial shells, high temperature panels…

SMI also offers you a tailor-made transformation and cutting service, in order to provide you with the ideal and adequate insulation for all your sites.

Do you need insulating materials made from rock wool? Contact us!


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