Isolation Calorifuge et phonique des CVC, Industries et bâtiments

Heat insulation, our core business

We are able to provide you with a solution to each of your requests concerning your air conditioning, hot water, cold water and ventilation networks projects.


HVAC (or HVAC) thermal insulation

SMI specializes in insulation solutions for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), buildings.

Thanks to our expertise, we can provide a solution to each of your requests concerning your air conditioning, hot water, cold water and ventilation networks projects.

Our range of HVAC insulation allows you to insulate the key elements of your HVAC systems

  • Piping and piping

Channel insulation is very important to prevent condensation on the pipe conduits but also to prevent energy loss.

The materials used:

  • Rock wool
  • Polyisocyanurate
  • Cellular glass
  • Phenolic foam

SMI offers concentric rock wool shells designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of heating pipes and sanitary pipes.

For your specific needs, we carry out custom cutting and processing of insulating materials. Thus, you benefit from insulation perfectly suited to your needs in the most suitable materials for optimal thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Ventilation ducts and ducts

Insulating the ventilation ducts helps maintain the temperature of the air flow throughout the duct. This insulation prevents energy loss and maintains optimum air conditioning or heating performance.

Our ventilation system insulation uses the following materials:

  • Rock wool
  • Glass mineral wool

Insulating materials help prevent condensation around ventilation and heating ducts.

Thermal insulation Industry and Process

Industry needs specific, high performance insulation. This is why SMI offers a whole range of insulation specific to the characteristics of industrial processes.

We meet your insulation needs for fluid networks or industrial equipment from -265 ° to + 1200 °.

  • Insulating shells for industrial piping

Our shells, staves and elbows are available in the insulating material of your choice: cellular glass, rock wool, glass wool, polyisocyanurate, phenolic foam or elastomer.

We advise and help you choose the most suitable insulation material for your needs.

Our insulators offer great longevity and are particularly suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of industrial piping.

  • Mesh mattresses for ducts and boiler walls

Our rock wool mesh mattresses are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation, in particular of industrial ducts, boiler walls, furnaces and smoke ducts.

  • High temperature panels

We also offer materials specifically designed to meet the thermal and acoustic insulation needs of boilers, furnaces, high temperature ducts and structures that can be subjected to high temperatures where the insulation can be confronted with light mechanical stresses ( vibrations, for example).

The advantages of our insulating materials for industry and processes:

  • Both thermal and acoustic insulation
  • High temperature resistant
  • Stable
  • Long service life

High Temperature Fire Protection

Every building or industry can at one time or another be confronted with the risk of fire. This is why it is very important that the insulating materials can slow down the flames and prevent the fire from developing exponentially.

Our specific high temperature insulations have non-combustible properties allowing them to resist and slow the spread of flames.

Our fire-fighting insulations are perfectly suited to industrial uses and to those of commercial or residential buildings.

The uses of our fire protection insulation materials:

  • Fire-rated ducts
  • Core drilling
  • Fire-resistant hoses
  • Fire insulation of ventilation ducts
  • Ovens and Boiler

Custom processing and cutting

We carry out custom cutting of your insulating materials to best meet all your specific needs.

We cut all types of insulating materials: Extruded polystyrene, Polyisocyanurate, cellular glass, rock wool and phenolic foam.

SMI makes your shells, staves, elbows, bottoms and shaped parts to measure for insulation perfectly suited to your needs.


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